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Welcome to Camera Bean Bags.

A family run business which specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of very high quality products.

There are times when out and about enjoying your photography when you need a stable protective surface. Traditional tripods and mono-pods are great but are quite often heavy and bulky to carry, especially when on long walks. Extremely light weight as well as being easy to use the Camera Bean Bag is ideal. The bean bag supports give a stable platform to protect your camera while allowing a comfortable photography position. This can help with long sessions therefore improving comfort and as a result improving image quality. Another key point is that the bags are fantastic at eliminating camera shake which can improve the quality of pictures captured by the camera. Rather than using tripods they become a great bit of equipment for the modern photographer in many scenarios.

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The Products

Two interconnecting bags make up each camera bean bag support. They form an “H” section allowing the bags to rest over a car door, fence panel or platform such as in bird hides. The Bean Bags have an attached carrying strap which a lanyard or carabiner can then be attached. This can then be used to be clip onto your rucksack. While in a moving vehicle this can act as a bracing support so not as to lose the support overboard! As well as a strong Velcro and press stud fastener there is a separate inner lining which contains the light weight poly beans. If required you can top up or use a different media.


The supports are available in 2 types of fabric. A Non-Waterproof cotton drill together with a 7oz weight Waterproof fabric. The Waterproof camera supports are ideal for river side photography, damp, misty mornings, as well as those braving more robust weather condition. Easily wiped dry, the waterproof edition is therefore great for all environments.

waterproof bag image
bean bag colour swatches

Colour Choices

Fabric designs include traditional camouflage, a ‘RealTree’ print of oak leaves together with 3 plain colours. In general the most popular colour is the camouflage green but if there is a specific colour or design you would like, I may be able to source this for you. Likewise, made to measure sizes can also be arranged, just give me an e-mail or telephone call.


They come ready to use with light weight polystyrene balls and are available in three sizes:

  • Standard – 250mm x 170mm x170mm Weight 140g
  • Large – 310mm x 210mm x 210mm Weight 220g
  • Super – 380mm x 270mm x 270mm Weight 330g

All weights and dimensions are approximate and you can see these on the product pages.

The Standard Bean Bag will suit Compact/Bridge Cameras and most lenses up to 200mm.
Large bags for telephoto lenses 100-400mm.
Super-Size for super telephoto lenses.

The bags are fantastic at eliminating camera shake which can improve the quality of pictures captured by a camera.

All sizes are available in a variety of colours and they can also be made to measure if requested.

camera bean bags sizes on wall

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