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Welcome to Camera Bean Bags. We are a family run business specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of very high quality Camera Bean Bags.  The Bean Bags have a vast and varied use for the modern photographer and make an addition and alternative to tripods/monopods. Extremely light weight and easy to use, the Bean Bag offers stability and ease in the most demanding conditions.

We offer a fast friendly service and quality hand made products.

The idea originated In the autumn of 2006 after booking a safari to Kenya. My husband ‘placed a request’ for a Bean Bag Support for our journey as a tripod is quite bulky and would have been awkward to use from a moving Jeep! After making a prototype and after a few adjustments the first of many camera bean bags was born. I laughed at him when he suggested selling them on the World Wide Web, but over the years the business has grown and as a result I have shipped to all regions of the UK and as far away as Australia.

The Products

Each Camera Bean Bag support is made of two interconnected bags. They form a “H” section allowing the bags to rest over a car door, fence panel or platform as well as anything else you can rest it on really. The Bean Bags can also be used in a conventional manner. They also become a great bit of equipment in many scenarios.They give a stable area to protect your camera and enable a comfortable photography position. This can help with long sessions of photography therefore improving comfort as well as improving image quality.

The Bean Bags come with an attached carrying strap that doubles as a bracing support and a strong Velcro and press stud fastener. The handle can attach the camera support to a rucksack as well as many more other items.

They come ready to use with light weight polystyrene balls and are available in three sizes:

  • Standard – 250mm x 170mm x170mm Weight 140g
  • Large – 310mm x 210mm x 210mm Weight 220g
  • Super – 380mm x 270mm x 270mm Weight 330g

All weights and dimensions are approximate and you can see these on the product pages. The bags are easy to re-fill if this ever needs to be done.

The Standard Bean Bag will suit Compact/Bridge Cameras and most lenses up to 200mm, Large bags for telephoto and Super-Size for super telephoto lenses.

The bags are fantastic at eliminating camera shake which can improve the quality of pictures captured by a camera.

All sizes are available in a variety of colours and they can also be made to measure if requested.

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