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Trying to take that perfect shot during a photography shoot can sometimes be very difficult. With limited space in bird hides in order to accommodate tripods, wildlife photography can get a little frustrating. This is where Camera Bean Bags can especially help! The Camera Bean Bag is ideal as it cushions the camera and gives an even platform in order to rest the camera on to avoid camera shake. Traditional tripods can also be heavy and bulky. The Camera Bean Bag is light weight, quick to attach to your camera kit and as a result makes for easy transportation.

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A Size for Every Situation

We sell a range of different sized camera bean bag supports to suit many different situations.

  • Standard – 250mm x 170mm x170mm Weight 140g
  • Large – 310mm x 210mm x 210mm Weight 220g
  • Super – 380mm x 270mm x 270mm Weight 330g

All weights and dimensions are approximate and you can see these on the product pages.

Standard Bean Bags will suit Compact/Bridge Cameras and most lenses up to 200mm.
Large Bean Bags for telephoto lenses 100-400mm.
Super-Size Bean Bags for super telephoto lenses.

Bean Bag Features

Light weight – The Standard bean bag is only 140g, Large 220g, Supersize 330g approx.…

Cushioned – The poly beans protect the camera while offering a stable platform.

Strap – Use with a lanyard or carabiner so as to attach to camera kit or vehicle.

Filling – Top up or use a heavier media. An inner lining gives extra protection.

bean bag in use cut out
bean bag colour swatches

Wide range of Colours!

Depending on your photography needs and of course where you are going to use it, the Camera Bean Bags come in a variety of colours and designs. Camouflage Green is the most popular but if there is a colour or design you would like I may be able to source this for you. Just give me an e-mail or telephone with further information.

– Green Camo
– Black
– Green
– Desert Camo

– Arctic Camo
– Blue Camo
– Brown

Waterproof Materials

We also offer 4 Materials listed below which are waterproof and great to use in wet weather.

– Realtree
– Green Camo
– Black
– Green

The waterproof edition of the camera bean bag is great for use on river banks. Not to mention those damp misty mornings or for venturing out in wetter weather, they can be easily wiped clean.

realtree material with water droplets
waterproof Colour swatch choice
bean bag horizontal on log
camera bean bag vertical on log
camera bean bag horizontal on log
bean bag vertical on log


By using a carabiner you can easily attach to your camera kit.

As the Camera Bean Bag is so light it is easy to carry about on longer walks.

Along with the Camera Bean Bag being so light weight the ‘H’ design enables various photography positions.

Using the Camera Bean Bag on its shorter sides will give you more height for you photography position.

Placing the lens in between the two sides will hold it in place for a steady shot.

By placing the camera over the top will give a larger supported area.

Use in many Scenarios

Bird Hides
Limited space in bird hides can undoubtedly make using tripods quite difficult. The camera bean bag offers a stable protected area to rest your camera on to avoid camera shake during long photography shoots. The camera bean bag is therefore ideal as it cushions the camera and gives an even platform.

Car Windows
While out in the car the bean bag rest is perfect. You can place the ‘H’ shape camera support over the window and as a result this will give a comfortable platform to place your camera on.

Safaris are indeed an example as to where the use of the Camera Bean Bag support comes into its own. After all with little space for tripods and the need to be able to switch camera positions quickly, the camera supports are brilliant. They are light weight and easily rest over the windows/roof to help achieve that perfect photograph.

Positioned on fences the camera bean bags offer a cushioned platform not to mention being able to protect your camera from scratches.

One The Move

Tripods can be quite heavy and bulky to carry about especially on walks. The camera bean bags are extremely light weight and can be attached to your camera rucksack by a carabiner for easy transport.

backpack with bag attached
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